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what's new?

Welcome to another amazing year at Kensington School!




Kensington Car Wash Now Open!




Car wash anyone?





Thank you to Mr. D for making each of our schools

their very own Kensington Car Wash!






The Earth Project

Project Based Learning Highlights

from Our Explorations in June






From outdoor mud kitchens and indoor mud making,

to branch painting, nature hikes and more,

the Earth became our playground!










Don't Forget to Sign Up for

Summer Enrichment Classes!


Enrich your child’s summer with these

small group classes!

Jump into Science
Under the Trees, Art and Me
Count on Math
Summer Story Starters
Game On

Session #1: June 6 - July 1
Session #2: July 5 - July 29
Session #3: August 1 - August 25



Click here for Summer Enrichment brochures!





Summer Camp is in full swing- but a few spots remain!




Part Day Junior Camp (2- 5 year olds)

Part Day Wings Camp

(at our Naperville and LaGrange Locations, 5-6 year olds)

Full Day Wings Camp (various ages)

Full Day Senior Camp (kindergarten - 3rd grade)



Kensington Campers of all ages will embark upon

Summer Quest 2016,

camp-wide STEAM based curriculum this summer,

asking questions and building thinkers!


What is STEAM? 

Science – Technology – Engineering – Art – Math

all rolled into one!



Have your child join Summer Quest in one of our

part day or full day camps!






May - June

Project Based Learning Highlights

Three and Four Year Old Classrooms

May 2 - June 3



"Science of a Circus Project"








"Springtime with Eric Carle Project"









"All About Balls Project"









March - April

Project Based Learning Highlights

Three and Four Year Old Classrooms

March 28 - April 29


"Once Upon a Time Project"








"Let Us Make Lettuce Project"







"Are You My Mother? Project"











Mini-Project Based Learning

Highlights from April:

"It Starts with a Drop!"

Toddler and Two Year Old Classrooms









Kensington School Celebrates

The Week of the Young Child!

The week of April 11th, Kensington School celebrated

The Week of the Young Child along with nationwide efforts of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). 





Our “Celebration of Children” included readings about friendship, singing and dancing, a very special family tile project, good wishes and Friday Field Days!







Welcome Baby Chicks!

Kensington School had another successful hatch this spring! Peeps and chirps could be heard throughout our hallways

at the end of April !




Chicks and children became fast friends!







Hats Off to Mom!

Mom's Day at Kensington School





Kensington Moms came to school on Saturday, April 16th

for a special day just for them!








February - March

Project Based Learning Highlights

Three and Four Year Old Classrooms

February 15 - March 24


"Let’s Learn About Our Bodies Project"






Bridges and Buildings-The Architecture Project





The Shoe Project









Mini-Project Based Learning

Highlights from March:

"Babies Grow Up to be Me!"

Toddler and Two Year Old Classrooms










Spanish Performances


Last month, Kensington School’s Junior Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten classes performed a Spanish musical program, “Es una Fiesta,” complete with singing, dancing and plenty of maraca shaking!



Kensington Kindergarteners performed a musical puppet show, “Cuckoo: A Mexican Folktale,” based on the book by Lois Ehlert. The story is an adaptation of a Mayan Indian folktale from Mexico and came to life through colorful stick puppets and music played by a live “band!”



All families enjoyed a fiesta featuring Mexican dishes after the performances. Muy bien!






Dad's Day at Kensington School

"Ready, Set, Go!"

Saturday, March 12th, was a special day to celebrate Kensington Dads!


From ramp races to wood car decorating, to a fun “tire” snack, art and circle time and more, Kensington preschoolers enjoyed showing their dads many classroom experiences!










Many Thanks!

During the week of St. Patrick's Day, Kensington Schools collected over 6,500 coins in our “Wishing Well” Coin Drive totaling $570 for The Flint Child Health & Development Fund!



During “Jeans for Wishes” the same week, Kensington School staff donated a total of $835 to Make-A-Wish Illinois!





Kensington Cares:

Northern Illinois Food Bank


A handful of Kensington School staff kicked off the month of March with an evening of service at the

Northern Illinois Food Bank.



Together with other volunteers, they scooped, weighed and repackaged 954 bags of cereal for hungry neighbors throughout our communities.







Mini-Project Based Learning

Highlights from February:

"The Mailman Rings the Bell!"

Toddler and Two Year Old Classrooms











"One Wintry Day" Winter Programs

Three-Year Old Classrooms


Our winter programs were a big hit! 

The children sang, played triangles, and even built a snowman on stage! 





Both our performers and audience agree,

it was "snow" much fun!






Project Based Learning Highlights

Three and Four Year Old Classrooms

January 4 - February 12


"A Little Bit of Art,

and a Whole Lot of Science" Fair







Utilizing STEAM as our guide,

(science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) artistic creations and scientific activities were our focus,

and culminated in a magnificent art and science show!










February Giving Baskets






Mini-Project Based Learning

Highlights from January:

"Mix It Up!"

Toddler and Two Year Old Classrooms










January Giving Baskets


Our January Giving Baskets helped start the New Year

with a smile for many local senior citizens! 



  Many thanks to our families for donating BINGO prizes, as well as items to be included in new residents’ “Welcome Bags” or to be added to monthly meal deliveries! 





Kindergarten Round Up!

Kindergarten Registration for 2016-2017 is now open!






For more information, please call 630 990 8000

or complete our online inquiry form.










Project Based Learning Highlights

Three and Four Year Old Classrooms


All Aboard the Polar Express



Polar Express train travels sparked our curiosity about

types of trains, the arctic, Santa’s Workshop and more!






Winter by Jan Brett

Enjoying winter with Jan Brett’s literature!




Children investigated real bear fur after reading Three Snow Bears and made sugar cube igloos for winter animals.


Can we all fit in a mitten shape while reading The Mitten?



The story Gingerbread Friends inspired us to make our own gingerbread pals and the December snowfall was the perfect backdrop to science explorations and of course, lots of outdoor fun!






The Box Project



Through The Box Project, children discovered boxes are

three dimensional and have height, width and depth.

They come in all shapes and sizes!



Boxes can be reused for many things - box hideouts,

box archways and even box fashion!






Mini-Project Based Learning

Highlights from December:

"Boxes and Bows!"

Toddler and Two Year Old Classrooms









December Giving Baskets:

Miten Trees and "Bundle Up Baskets"


Warm hands, warm hearts!


Thank you to our Kensington families for contributing so generously to our Mitten Trees and Bundle Up Baskets!



Together, our nine schools and administrative office, collected

308 pairs of mittens and gloves

137 hats

28 pairs of warm socks

and 8 scarves!


These much needed winter wear items were donated to various social service charities in our school communities.

Many thanks!





Kensington Cares:

Cookies for Charities



In the spirit of giving, many Kensington School staff

shared dozens and dozens of their favorite holiday cookies with one another, and two local charities during our December Kensington Cares event.




Trays of homemade cookies, festooned with fun ornaments, were donated to St. Patrick's Residence,

as part of their annual Cookie Walk fundraiser,

and Fox Valley Hands of Hope (volunteer hospice),

to be shared with bereaved families and support groups throughout the season.








Community Christmas Trees


Kensington School spread the holiday spirit throughout

our school communities this season through

the decoration of three special trees! 


Our kindergarteners created one of a kind handprint

animal ornaments to deck out a tree at Brookfield Zoo!



Three and four year old children at Kensington School of Western Springs and Kensington School of Wheaton helped string cranberry garland and oat cereal hearts to decorate wildlife friendly trees!




Visit our trees at Western Springs Tower Green

and Cosley Zoo in Wheaton!







Project Based Learning Highlights

Three and Four Year Old Classrooms

October 19- November 27


Night Time is Nice




From stargazing through classroom window constellations to creating our own night time skies,

to making night time word lists and taking virtual field trips to outer space, we discovered the night is a busy time for many!



What animals are awake at night? Nocturnal animals!

We met owls, examined raccoons and learned that

bats sleep upside down in caves and trees.



Making starry, starry night pictures and enjoying camping pajama parties around the camp fire rounded out our night time explorations!



My Kind of Town


From grocery store visits, with lists in hand, to exploring Safety Town, we enoyed learning about our communities!





How long is a fire truck? That police officer’s vest is HEAVY! What does the inside of an ambulance look like?



We “flew” through the clouds with a pilot and met a veterinarian!  Thank you to all our visitors who shared their occupations with us!



The Wide World of Coats and Coverings



How many caps can cover our teachers head?

How many of us does that umbrella cover?
Coats cover us and keep us warm. Bark covers trees.

Corn has a thick covering of husk and corn silk.



Animals have many types of coverings -

fur, feathers, scales, shells, skin - we felt many!


Thank you visitors!








Happy Thanksgiving!



From evening potlucks to classroom feasts,

Kensington children enjoyed sharing good food

and laughter with friends and family. 







Mini-Project Based Learning

Highlights from November:

"Put it on the Grocery List!"

Toddler and Two Year Old Classrooms









Good Times with Pickles the Puppy!


Children LOVE “Pickles the Puppy,”

Kensington School’s language development program

for two-year-olds!




In celebration of our favorite furry friend, Pickles,

and National Pickle Day (11/14), our two-year-olds

dressed in green, enjoyed pickle games, and donned

floppy black ears and Pickles hats for a special party!







Kensington Cares:

Operation Support Our Troops America



The week before Veterans Day, Kensington School

teachers, directors and administrative staff gathered

together to stuff stockings for soldiers. 




Over 100 stockings were stuffed, along with countless

bags of candy and care package bundles. 


Operation Support Our Troops America was grateful

for the help, as well as the generous donations of

stocking supplies Kensington families donated in our

Back to School "Giving Baskets".



At the end of September, we delivered an amazing 575 pounds of supplies to OSOTA! 


Thank you Kensington School staff and families!





Mini-Project Based Learning Highlights from October's "The Inside Scoop!"

Toddler and Two Year Old Classrooms










Happy Halloween!



Fall programs, parades and parties were a big hit -

singing and dancing and having silly Halloween fun!








Project Based Learning Highlights

Three and Four Year Old Classrooms

September 7 - October 16


What is in the Woodsy Woods?

Trees, leaves, dirt, sticks, animals, bugs - those are just

some of the things that are in the Woodsy Woods!




With magnifiers in hand, our little scientists went to work, taking a closer look at nature, both inside and out.



Bug Research Labs, leaf and tree experiments, walks with

our nature bags, creating floor to ceiling classroom trees, “camp outs”, making clay tree sculptures and learning

about animal habitats and tracks in the woods were

other adventures for this project.




What Has Wheels?

From big wheels on BIG vehicles to smaller wheels on

bikes and wagons and derby cars, and even onto pinwheels and Ferris wheels, Kensington children saw firsthand

how wheels work!




Thank you to so many special visitors who brought all sorts of wheels to Kensington School!






Gizmos and Gadgets: How Things Work

We challenged our mechanical minds with this

Gizmos and Gadgets project! 



After going on gadget hunts around our school,

we then became builders -  creating our own inventions

and structures, including our classroom robot!




A special visitor from DuPage Children’s Museum brought amazing exploratory centers for us to experiment

with magnets, gears and sound!






Happy Birthday

Scooter the Traveling Bear!


Children brought their own bears to a very special

birthday party, celebrating our Scooter Bear in style. 





Thank you to our families for the many donations to our Birthday Supply Drive - car loads of cake mix, party hats

and favors, tons of frosting and more were delivered to

a local children’s charity in October.








Mini-Project Based Learning Highlights from September's "An Apple a Day"

Toddler and Two Year Old Classrooms










Grandparent's Day

at Kensington School


With the beautiful fall weather came happy grandparents from near and far who participated in a “mini school day” with their grandchild at Kensington School’s

When I Take My Grandparents to School.”




Circle time, art time, story time and music time kept everyone very busy. 





We loved having all of our Kensington Grandparents

and Grandfriends visit!





Welcome Back to School!




"See me skip, see me run,

I’m going to school like everyone!


See me smile, see me grin,

When the door opens, I’ll walk right in.


See me work, see me play,

I’m going to school- it’s my first day!"



Welcome back to school, children and families!

We are so excited to begin another wonderful school year.





Going on a Jungle Cruise!

Project Based Learning in August


Children spent the month of August exploring

the jungles and rainforests of the world! 

From labeling the layers of the rainforest, and making leaves to playing zoo keeper and collaging with animal prints, campers discovered the delights of the jungle!




Where are the rainforests? Can we visit them?

 Through virtual field trips to the Amazon Rainforest

and South American Crocodile Reserve, classes

experienced the sights and sounds of the jungle.







Going Down Under to Australia!

Project Based Learning in July




From starfish encounters, classroom caves and cave paintings, to jumping like a kangaroo and animal pretend play, Kensington Campers discovered fascinating facts about the world’s largest island and smallest continent, Australia! 




Creating colorful coral reefs, retelling Aboriginal fables, and discovering interesting animals like the echidna and wombat made for great July days!








Kensington Cares: Women Build



Saturday, July 18th nine Kensington School directors and administrators joined 60 hard-working women to help fund and build the home of one of Habitat for Humanity Chicago's inspiring women-led families, the Spencers,

as part of "Women Build".


Despite the intense heat, Team Kensington worked tirelessly to finish framing and prepping the Spencer's detached garage.






Team Kensington was proud to represent Kensington School and our continuing efforts to strengthen our communities through service.



To learn more about Habitat for Humanity Chicago's mission to create a world where everyone has a decent place to live, please click here.






Summer Fun!


"Going on an African Safari”

Project Based Learning in June at Kensington!



Through project based learning, children wonder, investigate, observe and find answers. 


Here are some highlights of our first camp project! 




With binoculars in hand and singing the Safari Chant,

many trips were taken in search of African animals

all over our school!

What is a safari?  Where is Africa?

What are some animals we may see on a safari? 





African drumming with Mrs. Grizzell, meeting animals     (and their skeletons) up close, making box jeeps and discovering animal facts - summer fun!






Highlights from May's

Project Based Learning



The Farm Project







The Very Hungry Caterpillar Project






The Charlie the Ranch Dog Project









Mom's Day at Kensington School


Kensington School celebrated moms

in a "simply SPA-tacular" way this spring!











"Go Green, Spring Clean!"

Donation Drive


In celebration of Earth Month, Kensington School hosted a donation drive during the month of April.


Families were encouraged to "green out their closets"

and donate gently used shoes, costumes and accessories

and sports equipment.




Through the amazing generosity of our families,

we collected a total of


850 pairs of gently used shoes for Share Your Soles,

200 gently used costumes and accessories

for Donations for Dress-Up and

35 pieces of gently used sports equipment for

The Sports Shed!


Thank you, thank you!






Highlights from April's

Project Based Learning



The Egg to Chick Project








April Showers Bring May Flowers







The Birds Are Back!







We Love Planet Earth









Kensington School Celebrates

The Week of the Young Child!


The week of April 13th, Kensington School celebrated

The Week of the Young Child along with nationwide efforts of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).


Our "Celebration of Children" included special readings, songs and projects that celebrated children at Kensington, and children all over the world!









Kensington Cares:

The Human Race


Rain and chilly temperatures didn't stop Kensington School staff, family and friends from participating in

The Human Race on Saturday, April 25th.




Even a few canine companions joined in the two mile

fitness walk benefitting over 65 charities

throughout DuPage County.




To learn more about The Human Race,

an event by Giving DuPage, please click here.




Kensington School is pleased to announce that our LaGrange and LaGrange Highlands locations have achieved NAEYC accreditation!




The National Association for the Education of Young Children is the nation’s leading organization of early childhood professionals.


Kensington School of Western Springs currently holds NAEYC accreditation and has received the Illinois ExceleRate Gold Circle of Excellence in March 2015!


“We’re so proud to have earned the mark of quality from NAEYC, the Illinois ExceleRate Gold Circle of Excellence, and to be recognized for our commitment to reaching the highest professional standards,” said Barbara Marlas, Founder of Kensington School.


Congratulations Kensington School of LaGrange,

Kensington School of LaGrange Highlands and

Kensington School of Western Springs!






Highlights from March's

Project Based Learning



Seussville is Everywhere!







Clang, Clang, Beep, Beep, Hear the Noisy City!





Jack and the Beanstalk






"Building Buddies"

Dad's Day at Kensington School



Kensington Dads enjoyed coming to school with their "Building Buddy" on Saturday, March 21st.

Fathers enjoyed building and construction activities

as well as art projects, a snack and a special Circle Time.






"Es una Fiesta, It's a Party!"

Spanish Musical Program


In February and March, our Junior Kindergarten,

Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes performed our first annual Spanish musical program,

"Es una Fiesta!" complete with singing, dancing

and plenty of maraca shaking!




Families enjoyed a fiesta/potluck featuring

Mexican dishes after the performances.






Kensington Meets the Experts


Each month, our schools welcome experts!

Professionals from our local communities are invited

to visit our students to enhance our project based learning, and broaden our students' understanding of

the world around them.







Who will visit tomorrow?





Kensington Cares:

Feed My Starving Children



Early this March, 18 Kensington teachers, directors and administrative staff, along with other volunteers, packed 23,760 servings for hungry children with Feed My Starving Children as part of our Kensington Cares community service initiative.   


Feed My Starving Children is a non-profit organization committed to feeding hungry children in nearly 70 countries around the world. 


Kensington staff scooped, bagged, measured, sealed and boxed MannaPack Potato-W, a weaning food designed to meet World Health Organization recommended nutrient requirements for children 7-12 months of age.




To learn more about Feed My Starving Children, or to plan a volunteer experience for your family in their Aurora warehouse, please click here.





Highlights from February's

Project Based Learning



The Post Office Project







The Babies Take a Long Time to Grow Project







The Guess Whose Shadow Project







The Arms and Legs Project

A Study of Robots, Space and Engineering











Snowball Express


Our three year olds sang and danced their hearts out during their winter musical program, Snowball Express! 










Kensington School's

First Annual Spirit Week!


Silly Sock Day  -  Sports Day  -  Superhero Day

Crazy Hair Day -  Pajama Day








Highlights from January's

Project Based Learning



Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes






Rosie Revere, Engineer and Iggy Peck, Architect







Move It!

A Study of Motion and Forces






The Tinker Lab








Sugarplum at Kensington




Every December, our four-year olds enjoy a very special Christmas program, just for them! 


Our schools transform into a magical winter wonderland overnight (with the help of our parent elves- thank you!) and children join us on Saturday for their winter holiday performance and treats in "Candy Land". 


Kensington also welcomes a special visitor on this day...Santa!







Highlights from December's

Project Based Learning


The Polar Express Visits the North Pole





Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree

A Study of Holiday Measurement




Tap, Tap, Tap Goes the Elves' Hammers






Violet the Pilot

A Study of Holiday Travel







Kensington Cares:

Ronald McDonald House Charities




Kicking off the holiday season in style, fifty Kensington teachers, directors and administrative staff donned their ugliest sweaters and gathered to wrap presents for the children served by Ronald McDonald House Charities.


As part of our Kensington Cares community service initiative, Kensington School, and the participating staff, donated nearly 400 new toys and books for infants through teens and lovingly wrapped each in festive paper and bows.


Kensington School is honored to be able to support Ronald McDonald House Charities as they help families heal together.   It is our hope that these gifts bring smiles to the very special children and families who will receive them.


To learn more about the mission of Ronald McDonald House Charities and find out how you can get involved, please    click here.







Community Christmas Trees


Kensington students got into the holiday spirit this month by creating ornaments for community trees.  Look for Kensington’s special trees at Graue Mill in Oak Brook, at Cosley Zoo in Wheaton, and at the Brookfield Zoo!  







Pickles the Puppy Party!


Children LOVE “Pickles the Puppy,” Kensington School’s language development program for two-year-olds!


In celebration of our favorite furry friend, Pickles, and National Pickle Day, our two-year-olds dressed in green, enjoyed pickle games and donned floppy black ears for a special party in November!  










Highlights from November's

Project Based Learning


T is for Turkey and The Thanksgiving Story Project





 The Pencil Project




The Grocery Store Project






“The Relatives Are Coming” Project









Kensington School has a new favorite book, one that promotes a love of nature and outdoor play!  The Looking Book, by P. K. Hallinan, is a story of two brothers who are given a pair of “lookers.”  They are encouraged to step outside to take a closer look at the wonderful world around them.   Our students were amazed at how much more they could now see through their “lookers!”







Highlights from October's

Project Based Learning


The Tree Project






A Fuzzy, Furry, Sticky, Stringy Halloween Project





   Drive the Fire Truck Project






“Where the Wild Things Are” Project







Kensington School of Elmhurst is        Now Open!



We are thrilled to open the doors to our beautiful school at 425 S. Spring Road in Elmhurst!  What a treat it is to walk the sunlit hallways and hear the laughter and voices of children!


We extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our families and teachers for their patience and understanding as we ensured every "t" was crossed and every "i" was dotted!





Kensington Cares:

Northern Illinois Food Bank


As part of our Kensington Cares community service initiative, a group of 13 Kensington teachers, directors and administrative staff volunteered an evening of their time at the Northern Illinois Food Bank. 


The group sorted and packaged 3,680 pounds of frozen meat, which will provide 3,066 meals for hungry neighbors in Illinois!




Thank you to those staff who gave of their time and talent to serve others.  We look forward to many more community service opportunities to come!


To learn more about the mission of the Northern Illinois Food Bank or to find out how you and your family can help hungry neighbors, please click here





Happy Birthday Scooter

the Traveling Bear!


Our favorite jet-setter, Scooter the Traveling Bear celebrated his birthday the first week of October!  Our three and four year old classrooms made his big day extra special by making and signing birthday cards, decorating party hats, singing and playing party games!  Teddy bears and stuffed friends of all types were invited as well and joined in the fun.  School assemblies and special birthday snacks were enjoyed by children and furry friends alike!





In Scooter’s honor, the children also collected birthday party supplies for Humanitarian Service Project’s Children’s Birthday Project Party-In-A-Box program.  In just one week, the three and four year old classrooms collected a combined total of almost 1,500 packages of party supplies! 


Humanitarian Service Project was overwhelmed by the generosity of Kensington School students and extremely grateful for the wonderful donation.  Humanitarian Service Project expressed their gratitude on their charity's blog.  Click here to read their kind post.


Thank you to all the families who helped make Scooter the Traveling Bear’s birthday even more special by donating such an amazing variety and number of birthday party supplies!


Happy Birthday Scooter!




Summer at Kensington

Highlights from Junior Camp's

nature inspired Project Based Learning




There was much to discover about “Life in the Woods!”








Water, water, everywhere!









Our Wings campers and Senior Camp

enjoyed a variety of exciting field trips!


From trips to the movies, roller skating and mini golf,

to rock climbing, zoo visits and basketball games,

our oldest campers experienced a dynamic,

fun-filled summer!






Kensington School Gardens


Our gardens are growing!





We Have a Little Garden

by Beatrix Potter


We have a little garden,

A garden of our own,

And every day we water there

The seeds that we have sown.


We love our little garden,

And tend it with such care

You will not find a faded leaf,

Or blighted blossom there.





Spring Musical Programs


Children took to the stage at all our schools in May and June, rounding out their school year with a musical performance.


Our three year old classrooms delighted families with spring songs and poems, while our four and five year old children received standing ovations for their rendition of "The Wizard of Oz."

Look out Broadway, here comes Kensington!










Horsin' Around!


We wrapped up our school year with dynamic hands-on project based learning explorations.  Horses were a favorite topic!


Through special visitors, activities, and artistic endeavors, children made exciting discoveries about these amazing animals.







Mom's Garden Party





"If mothers were flowers, I'd pick you!"



An "Egg"citing April!



The “peep peep” of newly hatched chicks could be heard in our school hallways during the month of April as we welcomed    dozens of fluffy baby chicks. 


Children were able to observe the life cycle of a chicken, from egg to chick, as part of our project based learning explorations in April.


Incubators were set up in each of our schools and the children helped count down 21 days to “Hatch Day”!  What an amazing experience it was for children, families and teachers alike to witness our chicks emerge from their eggs!